Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose Eau de Toilette

Fragrance is such a personal thing. One person’s idea of olfactory heaven can be another person’s headache inducing nightmare! Rose based scents in particular tend to divide opinion as they have a bit of a reputation for being something that your Gran would wear. Personally, I love a rose fragrance and I think that nowadays there are many options out there for a more modern take on this classic. Often this is achieved by combining the rose with notes of dark fruit and spice resulting in a scent which is warm and exotic. However, if that kind of thing still doesn’t get you jumping on the rose scented bandwagon then it could be that Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose will.

This is a much lighter and fresher take on the rose theme making it ideal for the daytime or for those who prefer something more subtle. Notes include neroli, orange flower, cedarwood, and musk which combine to produce a scent which is green and uplifting and conjures up images of a sunny rose garden. For an EDT I find both the intensity and longevity to be pretty good but, again, this can be quite subjective. If I put it on in the morning before work then I can still smell a hint of it when I get home in the evening. It has quickly become my favourite everyday fragrance.

At the time of writing Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose EDT is £35 for 60ml HERE.

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